Teaching Philosophy

 I love teaching and mentoring musicians. I’ve taught students ages 3-70 and am fascinated with exploration, discovery, and the skill development process. In my studio, I aim to create an environment where curiosity is welcomed, eagerness is applauded and hard work is rewarded.


Experiential learning is key. Consistently I encourage students to perform and receive feedback in masterclasses, studio class, festivals, and competitive events. In my studio, discovering new repertoire and promoting musical diversity is a priority. I teach works ranging from Musczynski, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff, to Fred O, Amy Beach, and Oscar Peterson and more. Lessons emphasize active listening, interpretive decision making, stylistic choices, and nuances of sound colors. I actively partner with additional teachers to broaden a students understanding of theory, harmony and ear training all essential to become a well developed musician.


I take a holistic view of keyboard wellness into every lesson. Years ago I reengineered my own playing to create a way of playing that feels physically natural and maximize technical efficiency. This journey transformed my teaching. My goal is that every student maximizes every minute of their time and learn to use their bodies efficiently, to enjoy a lifetime of rewarding music making.


As an artist teacher, I bring years of international concert experience including guest appearances on PBS, CSPAN, chamber and solo performances at Wigmore Hall, Barbican, Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Carnegie Hall into every lesson. This allows me a unique viewpoint to effectively build a student's performance confidence, preparation tactics, phrasing detail and a broader sense of color possibilities from the piano. This demonstrative focus leads students to developing their own musical voice. 


Beyond the instrumental skills I teach, my goal is to help students develop discipline, problem solving skills, wonder, and compassion through their musical study. As a teacher, I am here to help my students fulfill their potential as musicians, but even more importantly, I am here to also help them become exemplary human beings and citizens. It’s a privilege to create a safe learning environment where the next generation of musicians can learn and flourish.