"Artina plays piano with exquisite touch and dynamics.  A pianist with power and finesse as well as sensitivity to her partner and assertiveness in her solos, she can be rock solid with the tempo and can also swing like a jazz band."  -Bill Martin Dallas Senior Arts Study Society

""You gave a fantastic class. Great information for the students and delivered in a very positive and interactive way.  VERY well done!" -Kenneth Thompson, MACSA Exec Director

"Some people play the music, but [she] becomes the music" Kathyrn Clarke, Austin Woman's Club 

"Thank you for a unique and informative presentation"-VP for Programs FWMTA (Rosemary Solomons)

"Thank you for a professional, clear, and well-organized session....especially enjoyed your conclusion of a performance of the George Walker Sonata"-Debra Hadfield, TMTA President

"I so appreciate your willingness to come and to introduce us to this exciting new concept in performer 'wellness.'...it was especially wonderful to have you perform those lovely pieces for us! You are a beautiful pianist, and what a pleasure to hear works that none of us know well and played so marvelously!" -Nancy Weems, Univ. of Houston Madison Endowed Professor of Piano

"I was not only touched by your playing, but by your seemingly 'out-of-body' performance ."-Dan Long, National Association of Negro Musicians

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you and hearing your music.  Hoping there will be a way for you to find a path to Sydney one day. PS. Love the CD (Trombone Czar)." -Geoff Appleton, Australia at The Great American Brass Band Festival

On MAT presentation "It was terrific and a life-changing presentation for those who have problems or teach those who experience performance injury" Sheree Naquin, ADMTA president

"How lovely to behold the Rachmaninoff Preludes last night"- Curator-Archivist, Bill Doggett 

"Icy Simpson with Artina at the piano educated and entertain(ed)...was a joy to all lucky to be there."-Tony Melli, Austin Knife & Fork Club

"I was so impressed with your warmth, how you engaged the audience and the clarity of in which you presented the information." Virginia Warren at San Antonio Music Association meeting

"Many hearings later, we continue to enjoy this CD and we can recommend it (Trombone Czar) without reservation"-africlassical.com