Muscle Activation Techniques(MAT)

1. What makes MAT different? 

 Many therapies focus on treating muscles that are tight or tense. MAT focuses on 'weak' or inhibited muscles. MAT addresses the root of the problem, not just the symptoms 

2. How quickly are results seen? 

As more muscles work properly there is less need for muscles to compensate, thus better overall body function.  

3. How long do results last? 

With the newest MAT RX results are sustained for long periods of time outside of a major trauma incident. With traditional MAT sometimes it takes multiple treatments to encourage muscles that have been 'off' to remain 'on'. 

4. How has this effected your teaching? 

I have found that verbal correction needs to focus on achieving the technical or sound end-result versus prescribing specific muscular movements. Focus on the destination, not the journey getting there. 

5. Is MAT primarily for musicians? 

MAT can benefit any person who is suffering from chronic injury or engages in repetitive motions. 


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What is MAT?

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