Lecture topics

Dr. McCain has given lectures at conferences, universities and organizations over various pedagogical topics from memorization to caring for performance injuries. 

Top Ten Effective Practice Techniques

Every wonder why you practice and things don't seem to be improving? All practice techniques have an expiration date! Learn about ways to effectively organize your time and discover new ways to tackle problems.

Muscle Activation Techniques: A New Solution to Performance Injury

After many years of dealing with performance injuries, MAT has restored
strength and mobility to her hands. The lecture details the struggles of
dealing with performance injuries, previous solutions and the 
new results MAT is providing and pedagogy suggestions. 

The Art of Memorization

 An unreliable memory can be problematic and punishing for a soloist. How do we teach students to strengthen their memory muscle? How can we encourage students not to succumb to a prosaic performance after memory lapse?  This session will cover tips for retaining performance poise and developing seamless transitions out of difficult situations. Memory examples will include works from beginning to advanced repertoire.

Discover Yourself: Making Opportunities

A round-table style lecture that examines musical careers, creating freelance work and maintaining a viable career as a musician/artist. 

Muscle Activation Techniques and Pedagogy: Helpful Teaching Tips and Exercises

Discusses how MAT changes practicing and teaching.
Passive stretching techniques, warm ups, and rice exercises are a few of the 
innovative ideas MAT can offer for teachers and performers.

Legacy: The American Composer

 We all know the music of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. But what about the music of  Beach, Griffes and Walker? This lecture will explore the music of lesser known composers and their contributions to the western music canon. Including a performance of his highly acclaimed George Walker Sonata no.2.

Collaborating! Chamber Music for Intermediate students

Collaborating! Chamber Music for the elementary to early advanced
Chamber music strengths listening, rhythm and reinforce musical skills. Learn how to incorporate this music into your pedagogical routine and the benefits for teacher and student. We will explore arrangements of standard repertoire and exciting new pedagogical repertoire for every age and level student. 
Explore four hand, instrumental and vocal repertoire.

MAT Session: Inside look


 1. What makes MAT different?

 Many therapies focus on treating muscles that are tight or tense. MAT focuses on 'weak' or inhibited muscles. MAT addresses the root of the problem, not just the symptomes

2. How quickly are results seen?

As more muscles work properly there is less need for muscles to compensate, thus better overall body function. 

3. How long do results last?

With the newest MAT RX results are sustained for long periods of time, outside of a major trauma incident. With the traditional MAT sometimes it takes multiple treatments to encourage muscles that have been 'off' to remain 'on'.

4. How has this effected your teaching?

I have found that verbal correction needs to focus on achieving the technical or sound end-result versus prescriving specific muscular movements. FOcus on the destination, no the journey getting there.

5. Is MAT primarily for musicians?

MAT can benefit any person who is suffering from chronic injury or engages in repetive motions.

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Muscle Activation Techniques